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问过大使馆,可以入,但是先要放弃澳洲国籍,凭借放弃证明,申请中国国籍。 ...


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谢谢 查了一下


For your application to renounce (give up) Australian citizenship to be approved, one of the following must be relevant to you:

you have citizenship of another country
you will acquire citizenship of another country as soon as your Australian citizenship is revoked
you were born in or live in another country and are not entitled to citizenship of that country because you are an Australian citizen.
Your Australian citizenship ceases at the time we approve your application.

An application to renounce Australian citizenship will not be approved if doing so will make you stateless.

An application to renounce the Australian citizenship for a child under 16 years of age must be made by their responsible parent.

You can apply if the child was born, or normally lives in, a country outside Australia that does not allow dual citizenship.

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